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One of the most hazerdous and costly repairs in your home is your sewer. Both repair and installation is a delicate process that you do not want to mess up. Let Ben’s sewer specialists do it right for you.

Don’t Let Raw Sewage Creep Into Your Life

With sewer inspections so affordable, there is no reason not to get one.

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Sometimes things just happen and you have no control over it! Save yourself some money with one of our protection plans. Get a little assurance that you know when something goes wrong with your plumbing that you have a little releif at the end of the tunnel.

Sewer Services

One of the worst travesties that can happen to a home or business is when there is an issue with your sewer. Especially when it comes inside!

Main Sewer Lines

The backing up of sewage into your sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets can be one of the most disgusting things a home or business owner can experience. It is also dangerous as the debris is usually accompanied by toxic gases and bacteria, mold, and other toxins. When your sewer line backs up, it is imperative that you call a professional plumber to expertly remove the blockage and keep your family and pets safe. A professional plumber will also investigate the cause of the clog, repair any damaged lines, and install a new line if necessary. Because a main sewer line is so crucial to the safety of your home or business, a maintenance plan should be used to protect it from costly damage.

Sewer Line Installation & Repair

Sewer line damage can be one of the most expensive and dangerous things a home or business owner experiences. Many times this kind of damage is considered an emergency and immediate action must be taken. A sewer line installation or repair usually involves digging up a portion of a homeowner’s yard to access the line and tank. Usually, a city will require that you obtain the proper permits and pay the appropriate city fees prior to installing any sewer lines. And, because a sewer line repair can cost anywhere between $60 and $200 per foot, or an average of $3,500 to $20,00 per household, it requires the expertise of a skilled plumber. Call our skilled Benjamin Franklin plumbers today to discuss your options.

Sewer Line Inspections

Sewer line emergencies can be some of the most disgusting and costly things a homeowner experiences. With thousands of dollars at stake, it makes sense to have a maintenance plan in place that allows for frequent sewer line inspections. A sewer line inspection, which can include everything from sending a camera into your pipes to removing debris to repairing damage, will help to ensure that your pipes are clear and any small damage is easily and affordably repaired. At Benjamin Franklin, our qualified technicians will take their time to properly inspect all of your pipes and make any necessary repairs. Especially when buying a new home, where faulty pipes can be hidden for years to come, home and business owners should contact a skilled plumber today to inspect their sewer lines.

Sewer Pipes

Everyone knows that sewer lines exist, but they are usually out of sight out of mind. Sewer pipes carry the waste water from your home or office and into a septic tank, buried far underground. The sewage that your sewer pipes carry contains E.coli, salmonella, and other dangerous pathogens, so the goal is to get it far away from your home or business. Modern day sewer systems are truly an architectural masterpiece, but they can also be very costly and aggravating when they go wrong. Things like clogs, damage, disconnections, corrosion, and other issues can stop a sewer pipe from working properly. When this happens, call a skilled professional immediately. The licensed plumbers at Benjamin Franklin understand both your sewer system, as well as the needs of your home or office.


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