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Plumbing FAQ’s From Professional Plumbers

Why is my water so hot?
If your water is too hot or too cold, you may need to adjust the settings. Each water heater has specific settings that determine the temperature of your water. Generally on older model water heaters, setting the thermostat to medium will provide you with the proper temperature. Newer models are usually pre-set at the factory setting of 120 degrees. If your water heater is electric, be sure to turn off the electricity before any adjustments. Contact one of our Benjamin Franklin plumbing professionals today to discuss the perfect settings for your home.
Why does my plumbing sound like it is groaning?
Especially in an older home, plumbing pipes may creak and groan. There are a variety of potential causes, ranging from a defective refill vale in your toilet, a loose washer, waterlogged air chambers, or the loss of the “air cushion.” In order to rule out a simple fix, turn off the water supply at the main valve and then turn on all of the faucets. Once they are turned on, go back to the main valve, turn the water supply back on, and then go and close all of the faucets. If that does not remedy the problem, call one of our skilled technicians today.
Why is my water bill so high?
Unfortunately, many times the cause of a higher-than-usual water bill is a leak. And, your toilet is the typical culprit. To determine whether there is a leak in your toilet, check the pipe called the overflow in your toilet’s tank. If you notice water filling the overflow, simply adjust the fill valve to fill the tank about one inch below the top of the tube. Call one of our trained professionals today to help you save more money on your water bill.
How often and when should I replace my toilet?
Any time your toilet is cracked, leaking, or not functioning properly, it may be time to replace your toilet. Deteriorated rings, sealants, and mounting may cause the toilet to malfunction and increase your water bill. Newer toilets are limited to 1.6 gallons per flush, pursuant to law, which is significantly less than older models. Call a knowledgeable plumbing professional today to discuss your options when replacing your toilet.
Why does my garbage disposal smell?
Due to the copious amounts of food and drinks that are stuffed down a garbage disposal, it is inevitable that it will eventually smell. Fortunately, many times it can be remedied fairly easily. First, try slicing lemon, orange, or lime peels and put them down the disposal and turn it on. Then, run some ice cubes through the disposal. Finally, drop a small amount of liquid dish detergent in the disposal and let it run with cool water for about 30 seconds. If you continue to have issues with your garbage disposal, contact one of our plumbing professionals today.
What is the white scum on my fixtures?
The white scum around your shower heads and faucets is mineral deposits. In order to remove it, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and cover the shower head or faucet with the bag. You can use a rubber band or twist-tie to keep it in place overnight. Once you remove the bag, use a soft brush like a toothbrush to scrub away any remaining deposits. If you are interested in reducing the mineral deposits, call one of our trained plumbers to discuss water softening and conditioning for your home, through our H2O Harmony system.
What can I do if roots get inside my drain lines?
Unfortunately, tree and plant roots can severely damage your plumbing. Root masses can completely fill a pipe and stop water flow in and out of the house. Unfortunately, once they enter the pipes, the roots continue to grow and will eventually crack the pipe, causing substantial damage. Roots in a drain line is a problem that must be remedied by a knowledgeable plumber. The plumbers at Benjamin Franklin are able to use inline drain cameras to diagnose and remedy your root problem.
How can I maintain my water heater?
There are a few things that you can do at home to maintain the health of your water heater. Every 12 months, you should complete a sediment flush of your water heater lines to keep the lines clear. It is also recommended that you test the pressure relief valve and function of the anode regularly. A skilled plumbing expert can also provide regular maintenance and inspection.
Why is my water heater rumbling?
Sediment in your water heater can cause a number of issues, including a rumbling sound. Because the sediment is blocking the water, the water heater may not be working efficiently. One quick fix may be to drain a few gallons of water out of the bottom of your water heater in an attempt to discard the sediment. However, be careful as the water may be exceptionally hot. If this does not work, contact a knowledgeable plumber today. Benjamin Franklin offers a membership service that includes yearly maintenance.
How do I unclog my sink drains?
The only constants in life are death, taxes, and clogged drains! Because clogged drains are so common, homeowners should be knowledgeable about the various ways to clear them. If you encounter a clogged drain, begin by using a plunger to clear it. If that does not work, us a liquid drain opener. Finally, try removing the trap and clearing out any debris. Remember to steer clear of any liquid drain opener as it can be toxic. If all else fails, you can attempt to use a drain auger to clear a clog that is beyond the trap. Benjamin Franklin plumbers are skilled at clearing stubborn clogs and can even use a special enzyme-based drain opener, BioBen®.


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