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Plumbing equipment installation is almost never as straight forward as it looks. With our 50 years of experience we know all the little tricks so you never get that phantom leak or all out disaster.

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Sometimes things just happen and you have no control over it! Save yourself some money with one of our protection plans. Get a little assurance that you know when something goes wrong with your plumbing that you have a little releif at the end of the tunnel.

Our Plumbing Repair and Installation Services

Seeing a plumber in your home is often not a great sign. However when Benjamin Franklin plumbers show you can be relieved that they are clean, honest and on time. Our plumbing installation specialist are typically in and out in a jiff and leave your home’s troubled area cleaner than we found it!


Faucets are some of most-used fixtures in a person’s home or business. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom sink, or tub/shower, faucets are the gateway to all of the water in our homes. That is why a properly working faucet must be functional and beautiful. And, when outfitting a new home, a beautiful faucet can set the design aesthetic for the house. Unfortunately, a leaky faucet is also a well-known issue. Although it may seem like a mild annoyance, a leaky faucet can actually be the sign of a larger issue and may cost a home or business owner a lot of money. Before you install or repair any faucet, call Benjamin Franklin’s expert technicians to provide you with the advice you need.

Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are a modern-day miracle. Unfortunately, they also cause many home and business owners to force too many incompatible items down their drains leading to a clog. In fact, trying to grind the wrong food is the single most common cause of a broken garbage disposal. And, if you have ever had a garbage disposal break, you know that it can be dangerous to clear with bare hands and it smells awful. Fortunately, a skilled professional can easily fix a garbage disposal and get a home or business owner back in business. Home and business owners that break garbage disposals often may want to consider upgrading to a larger or industrial-grade disposal. Call Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers today to discuss your garbage disposal.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is usually located in your basement or crawlspace, and are designed to prevent excess rain or groundwater from entering your home or business by pumping the water far away from your foundation. They are prevalent in areas where flooding is likely, the water table is high, or where rapidly melting snow or sudden heavy rainstorms are common. Fortunately, the Southwestern United States does not see a lot of these conditions, but we still have homes with sump pumps. Because sump pumps are installed in the case of adverse weather conditions, a faulty sump pump can cost a home or business owner thousands of dollars in damage. The plumbers at Benjamin Franklin are skilled in understanding your home or business sump pump and can offer an inspection and maintenance of your sump pump.


There are not many other appliances that are used as often or as continuously as the toilets in a home or business. Despite indoor toilets becoming more popular in modern-day history, we still may take our toilets for granted – flushing large amounts of toilet paper, sanitary napkins, and other objects down our toilets. A leaking or running toilet can be seen as a mild inconvenience, but it can add up to an expensive repair and costly water bill. Before your toilet becomes an unsanitary mess, schedule your checkup and maintenance with one of our skilled Benjamin Franklin technicians today.

Tubs & Showers

A tub or shower can be one of the most luxurious parts of a person’s home. With high-end fixtures, modern amenities, and progressive accommodations, shower and tub installation is requiring more and more technical skill. And, if not installed properly, a leak in your tub or shower could put your entire home at risk for damage and mold. Fortunately, the licensed plumbers at Benjamin Franklin are able to assist you in locating and properly installing your new shower or tub or coming to your aid in an emergency repair of your existing shower or tub.


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