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When you need a reliable honest plumber call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Arizona. Our work ethic over the years has allowed us to serve the area for over 50 years! Let show you how we can earn & keep your business.

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Save headaches with a protection plan

Sometimes things just happen and you have no control over it! Save yourself some money with one of our protection plans. Get a little assurance that you know when something goes wrong with your plumbing that you have a little releif at the end of the tunnel.

Kingman Arizona Plumbing Services

The extreme temperature changes that Kingman experiences can play havoc on your plumbing pipes and appliances. That is why you need an experienced local plumber to help resolve any plumbing issues. We, at Benjamin Franklin, are lucky to call Kingman home.

The Fantastic Landscape of Kingman & Route 66

Hugging the Historic Route 66, Kingman is an historian’s dream come true. Founded in 1882, Kingman served as Mohave County’s original seat. Today, Kingman’s community thrives in a unique environment, which includes warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Kingman’s rich wildlife, inspire enthusiasts to visit each year.