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It’s almost impossible to clean anything in your home when your drain is clogged. Same goes for taking a shower or bath, let alone the toilet. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is there quick when you need us to make a slow drain fast.

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Our emergency drain clearing service is fast, friendly and quality work.

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Sometimes things just happen and you have no control over it! Save yourself some money with one of our protection plans. Get a little assurance that you know when something goes wrong with your plumbing that you have a little releif at the end of the tunnel.

We Keep Your Drains Clear & The Water Flowing

Drains in typical American households have to withstand quite a few assaults. Between the hard water, hair, soaps, biological material, and other debris, a drain clog is an inevitability in all homes and businesses. However, drain clogs can be avoided. Utilizing preventative measures with a highly-trained plumber may help avoid costly repairs and annoying clogs. A professional plumber may recommend a drain line treatment, water heater flush, water heater inspection, water pressure test, water hardness test, or leak inspection to prevent and even remedy clogs. Benjamin Franklin’s professional-grade drain cleaning techniques ensure your drains NEVER clog—guaranteed—or we’ll clear them for free! And, if you are looking to go green, ask our skilled plumbers about Bio Ben’s natural enzymes, which break down clogs before they block your drains, but are not harmful to your pipes or family and pets.

Drain Jetting & Cleaning

As anyone with a clogged drain knows, clearing it out can be pretty messy and gross. Dragging the debris out of the drain and back into your home may not be the most appealing solution to a clogged drain. Fortunately, Benjamin Franklin offers an alternative to the traditional drain clearing methods: drain jetting. Drain jetting is high-pressure water that is fed through a hose into your clogged pipes. It is excellent for clearing clogs that are close to and far from the source and it is compatible with most kinds of drains and most kinds of blockages. The process is especially useful in situations where a home or business owner has repeated issues with clogged drains.

Much like you would expect, most drains are filled with bacteria, mildew, fungus, and other potentially toxic materials. Regular cleaning of your drains helps to ensure that those materials do not make their way back into your home or office. If you are experiencing frequent clogs or if there are offensive odors emanating from your drains, a professional drain cleaning is probably necessary. Drain cleaning can be accomplished on a number of different types of drains and should be done by a professional. Call Benjamin Franklin’s highly-trained plumbers today to discuss your drain cleaning options.


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